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Thursday, August 14, 2008

weekend here we come!

hi everyone! just got back from the gym. i thought of carolyn as i blowdried my slightly sweaty hairline (haha). i showered but my hair still gets a little weird after the gym. maybe its the humidity or the headband i wear. i just can't get it back to normal though and usually throw it in a ponytail.

gym was good, going to dinner tonight with my sister and to a show. going to try to not have any carbs and stick to seafood i think. my weight is hovering around 136. which is fine. i saw 135 last friday but i think that was a fluke. it went back to 137 a day or two later. so if i can maintain 136 tmw i will be happy :) if not, no big deal. i feel great and i my stomach is looking so flat lately. i think it's from running but i'm very happy with it. i also saw definition in my legs when i looked in the mirror this morning. i think that is more important than that # on the scale....but it would be nice to see. i am down 8 lbs though since july 6th or so, gonna focus on that. :) if i can lose 5 more lbs before september that would be great but i'm prepared to wait it out.

going to grab lunch with D at corner bakery. i usually get a half sandwich (whole grain bread, turkey, avocado slice, dijon mustard) and a cup of fruit salad. its so yummy. plus they have coke zero on tap. which is my favorite soda. i'm not longer a diet coke girl. coke zero all the way.

have a nice day! it's almost friday!! :D


Anonymous said...

i can't wait till friday :)

have fun at dinner tonight!

CaRoLyN said...

Aww you thought of me when you were drying the sweat from your hair? How sweet! hahah

You are kicking serious butt Kelly!
The lunch today sounds sooo good. I've never had avacado on a sandwich but it sound slike it would be yummy. I'll have to give that a try! Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

oh i totally love coke zero. yum!