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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

we're goin down down....

happy hump day! the day started off great, i saw 137.8 on the scale. sure there is a 0.8 on there but at least i saw it, and i know i can get that lower by friday. i'm gonna hit the gym again today for weights and some cardio. the best part is, i put my capris on for work, straight out of the dryer. they were just a tiny bit tight but they looked fine. usually they are VERY tight out of the dryer and i have to wait for them to loosen up to feel good in them. so that was nice. i also caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror and my booty has shrunk. :)

not much else. busy at work today but im sneaking down to the gym in about 15 minutes. project runway is on tonight! love that show! my coworker comes over to watch it with me and we have a glass of wine. so that should be fun. i cant stand suede and blaine (the obnoxious orange one who says things like "girllicious" and "holler at your boy")...blaine is no christian and he's trying too hard to be.

oh! last night i watched "true life: i can't get thin" - it was disturbing to say the least. this one guy, started at around 350 lbs. he cut off ties with his family, friends, quit his job, and moved into an apartment where he eats between 200-400 calories a day. he dropped 150 lbs in one year and just to see him so focused on weight loss was scary. he said all day long he cant wait for night to come so he can fall asleep so he can wake up and weigh himself. he loses the weight very fast and once he's reached his goal weight, he invites his sister over and they go out on the town. he ends up binge eating like 4 burgers and 3 large fries. it was really sad to watch and i feel for people who struggle with binge eating. i've heard of it but i've never seen it before. this guy, when he was bingeing, he said he couldn't feel anything, it felt like euphoria and he had no cares in the world and that the food made him so happy. watch it if you get the chance, it was interesting, yet very sad.

okay, i'm rambling. off to the gym!!


JODI said...

i enjoy watching shows like that - though disturbing, i find them so interesting sometimes... sort of the like watching 'intervention' - it just pulls you in... anyway, what channel was it on?

CaRoLyN said...

Yay on the loss. I LOVE it and you totally deserve it because you've been rocking it.

I can't stand shows like that. They literally make me depressed. Not even sure why, I just hate watching people be so consumed by food and diets and it drives me insane when they treat their bodies like dumps and starve themeselves and binge. I just want to scream at the TV "Don't you know what you are doing to your poor body!?!"

Have fun at the gymbo!

Anonymous said...

the guy in true life does videos on youtube, his user name is alifelessboring. you should watch the video he did about true life.