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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


this is my 100th post...wow!!

went to the gym last night and got on the treadmill. i wasn't really feeling it so i decided that i would run faster for a shorter amount of time. i usually run around 4.8ish (i'm slow but it feels fast...and i have short legs hehe). yesterday i ran for 15 minutes, with 1 minute intervals at 5.0, 5.2, 5.6, 5.8. wowie. it was fast. i then walked and then ran more at 5.0. i ran for a total of 25 minutes and walked for 10. i'm pretty happy about it and i burned more calories on the treadmill than usual, which was very nice :)

not much is new, still trying to stay low on the carb front. i had some wheat bread yesterday with peanut butter for lunch. today i brought 2 hard boiled eggs, string cheese, turkey slices stuffed with laughing cow, baked chicken (i made it last night, delicious), broccoli and a fiber one bar. so i should be good to go. i probably won't eat all of that bc i want to save my points for tonight. going to dinner with my sister for applebee's weight watchers menu. i really like that cheesy chicken they have :)

alright...back to work.


metamorphose said...

I usually don't like Applebee's...but that looks pretty tasty!

kelly said...

their service sucks, i only go for the WW menu :)