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Friday, April 06, 2007

sushi & the evil scale

went to sushi last night and actually restrained myself. my sister ordered a lobster roll, which had fried lobster in it. i only had 1! yay :) the rest was alaskan roll, california roll & a philadelphia roll. the philly roll had a small amount of cream cheese in it, but it was worth it!

i'm so happy its friday. i'm tired this morning though!

scale: 131.0 :)

this low carb thing is working. i do eat bread and fruit, just not as much as i used to. i think cutting back is helping me get over my plateau.

i almost bought a new scale last night because i felt as if mine was lying to me. but i was happy to see it decided to be friendly this morning.

have a great weekend!!


jodi said...

wow, you are so close to your first goal, that is awesome! i love sushi and my favorite is the spider roll - which is a deep fried, softshell crab... why is the good stuff always so bad for you? ;o)

Weight Master said...

great job. you're almost to your goal.