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Thursday, April 19, 2007

hump day binge drinking

ugh. why do i do this to myself? i stayed up until 1:30 last night drinking at my boyfriends house. his roommates had an inpromptu wednesday night party and i decided to join in. bf went to bed and i stayed up wayyy too late and drank too much. i am feeling the repurcussions as we speak. i came in late to work. i feel like shit. oh well. i guess sometimes i forget that i'm not in college anymore. or maybe i wish i still was?

so i've been a bad blogger. but don't think i've stopped my healthy lifestyle. aside from last night, i've been GREAT all week. i've just been to busy to blog at work. i'm down to 133 which is great. however, the scale said 130.5 this morning. i am extremely dehydrated though so we'll see what it says tmw. :)

had sushi last night with my bf and STOPPED...*gasp*...when i was full! i made myself put the chop sticks down and i felt so much better afterward. usually we order WAY too much sushi and i end up helping him finish it. but this time, i didnt. yay me :)

hope everyone is doing good! i've been reading all of your blogs :)

later alligator!!


metamorphose said...

Man, you are the Sushi Queen. Yummy! But look at you, ruling supreme, and stopping when you're full. Yeeha!

kelly said...

sushi is my fav! it's low cal and delish :)