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Monday, April 30, 2007

back in the saddle again

yes, i'm finally feeling it again! inspiration! woo!! i have to admit, i've let my dieting and exercise slack lately. i've been pretty good but not as good as i knew i could be. oh well. sometimes i get sick of counting points and going to the gym and i rebel. but luckily, i caught it early this time.

new plan:
-gym at least 3 days a week
-walk outside on days off
-watch less tv, get outside more and enjoy the pretty weather
-read more
-cut back on wine during the week
-go to bed early
-pack a healthy lunch every night

so these are my goals for the month of may. today has been good so far, i'm excited for this new motivation.

i know i need to get back to the gym and really push myself. i started to notice new definition in my legs, a "new muscle" as i tell my boyfriend. its right above my knee (i don't have muscular legs...well i guess i do now but never have before) and its very nice. i can't wait to see what else lies beneath the fat!!

weight: 136 :( boo. weekend weight i'm hoping.

what do you use for motivation?


katieo said...

I've got the itch to buy some new warm weather clothes. ALTHOUGH, i really really really am tetering between a 12 and a 10. SO, for right now, just pushing so I can get shopping-


molly-skinnyhips2be said...

My sister has told me to visit your blog and I finally had a free moment. You go girl! I'm doing Weight Watchers also. I just started and I absolutely love it! It's good to see someone dedicated to getting to their goals. Keep up the great work...