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Thursday, April 26, 2007

blogging & brownies

weight: 133.5

i've been a bad blogger, i admit. i've been watching my food intake, but letting myself slip here or there. i dont know what it is about getting off work on a beautiful spring day that makes me want to sit outside of my favorite mexican restaurant, eat chips and salsa and drink a frozen margarita. but hey, i'm young and as they say, you only live once.

but that's not to say i'm not watching what i eat the other 85% of the time. i'm a good dieter. i'm perfect at work, it's actually pretty weird. because once i get home i have these cravings and sometimes i give in.

i know you've all probably heard of no pudge fudge brownies but WOW. they are sooo good. the best part is you can make single servings. for those of you who love chocolate but have a problem with portion control, these are the brownies for you. all you do is add fat free vanilla yogurt (or plain yogurt with a splash of vanilla extract) to the mix and pop it in the microwave for 1 minute. it comes out as a hot, fudgy brownie bowl that is DELICIOUS. tastes just like the real thing if you ask me. add some fat free cool whip and its a delicious 2-3 point treat. you REALLY have to try these. so good. i've never made a batch of them, i'm sticking with the single servings.

hope everyone had a good week! i'll try to be a better blogger!!


Living to Feel Good said...

DUDE!! I did not know you could make those in single servings!! I was just telling my husband that someone needs to invent that, and I bet they would make a lot of money from it. I told him that I needed to get on that! SO YES!! I will buy those this weekend! Thanks for sharing that.

BTW Mexican is my weakness. I've stayed away from it for3 weeks now, but once I eat it, I could cave 3 times a week going out to eat it. I tell my husband all the time that it's the Devil. Hahaha.

kelly said...

they are so good...you won't believe it.

tortilla chips are my weakness when it comes to mexican food. i try to stick to the fajitas which are fine but eating all those chips while i'm waiting for them is bad news bears!! and dont get me started on the queso. i'm unstoppable!