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Thursday, May 29, 2008

3.32 miles ran!

hi everyone!

so i got on the treadmill and gave it my best shot at running a 5k and i did it, and a little more: 3.32 miles! and i never stopped running. granted it wasn't the best time ever but i did it and i wasnt sure if i could. i got a cramp mid way through - i need to do research on how to get rid of them/proper way to breathe when running.

but besides that i feel great! got in my cardio and weights and now i'm off for a walk with my sister. might see sex and the city at midnight if i'm not too tired, can't wait to see it!!


Fatinah said...

awesome job on the run!

Shelley said...

Hey Kelly! I was just thinking about you yesterday! :)
Running outside is so much more fun than on a treadmill!! Just start slowly, run at a comfortable pace and when you get those cramps you want to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly. Avoid drinking too much water before hand, but you do want to be hydrated, so sip some water a couple hours before you start. Also, remember, it is OK to stop and walk for a few minutes if you need to catch your breath! :)

I was invited to TWO Sex in the City parties this weekend! I'm going to see it tomorrow night...I'm sneaking in Cosmo "juice boxes" LOL

Good luck on your race. Just remember that its going to be FUN so have a good time! The energy from the crowd will get you to the finish line!!

Shelley said...

Yep, I call it the dreadmill! LOL I love strength training, too, but I always forget to do it! But when I do, Tues & Thurs are my days, too.

Oooh, a whole bottle of wine...thats not such a bad idea! I was thinking of getting those cute little splits of champagne, but they would be too loud and too obvious! :)

You have yourself a great weekend, too! Get outside and run!