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Thursday, May 22, 2008

back in the swing of things

day 4 of no carbing and i'm down 4 lbs. but please note that these are all 4 lbs i gained over the 3 day weekend so i guess i'm back to square one. which is fine. it's nice to see that my efforts are working and i feel pumped to keep it up! i may drink red wine (trying to stay away from beer) on sunday - which i want to be a cheat day. i dont want to cheat as far as eating cupcakes and cookies, but the red wine will be the cheat. then back to basics on monday.

did you watch idol last night? i dont want to spoil it but i'm so happy about the outcome :)

i've been to the gym every day this week. going back today to do weights/25-30 mins of cardio.

tonight we're going out for japanese for a coworkers bday. i am planning on doing the seaweed salad, ahi tuna & maybe miso soup. as far as i can tell there are no carbs in that mix, there might be oil/dressing on the seaweed but that's not so bad. normally i'd order 2 sushi rolls, wine, seaweed salad & probably snack on someone elses sushi or my leftover sushi when i got home.

so that's the plan....not gonna beat myself up if i dont stick to it but i'm going to try my best to stay focused!

1 comment:

CaRoLyN said...

You are seriously kicking butt! That's so great.

The Sushi sounds soo good!