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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

quick update

just a quick update - i did 25 minutes of weights/strength training and 30 mins of the elliptical yesterday! going to hit the gym today and do cardio. i cannot put down "something borrowed" - such a good book and very scandalous! it's about this girl drunkenly hooking up with her best friend's fiance and the repurcussions of that. apparently the next book in the series, "something blue", is from the other girl's point of view, how cool is that?

i'm a nerd.


Fatinah said...

good work on the work out.

the book sounds really good

Anonymous said...

ya they are good books. good work on the gym.

Jenny said...

Love the series of books. I've read them all. Fun quick reads. Keep up the good work on working out.

Anonymous said...

oh my god i just read that book for the second time last week! right now i'm reading baby proof, and i can't wait to get emily giffin's new book! sorry i know you posted this a while ago, i'm just catching up!