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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5k anyone?

did i mention that i'm running/walking a 5k on june 7th? my coworker asked me to sign up and said we can walk or run/walk, whatever we want. so i signed up and i havent trained or anything. needless to say i will be attempting a 5k run before next week. probably friday....wish me luck. i've never run a race before but i got my shirt and my number in the mail and i got really excited and i want more shirts and more numbers :)

got in 65 mins on the elliptical today. my 2 days of weights each week has been going well and i feel great! the scale is working with me, i know i should ignore it, but we all know i cant.

doing weights/cardio tmw...cardio will probably be a run. still doing low carb/weight watchers so thats good. today at subway i got a 3' mini sub, took off half the bread and got a salad. it was super filling and delicious.

reading "baby proof" by my new fav author: emily giffin. its getting really good. can't wait to read "love the one you're with"

and yay to shannon for her boy coming back tmw! i love her blog and i know she's beyond excited!! :) and a skinny bitch if i may say so myself. hehe

ok, toodles, i'm out!


Fatinah said...

can't wait to hear how your run goes!

Anonymous said...

omg you are so sweet. yay he is back tonight! i can't wait to read that new one by emily giffin either. i am reading certain girls by jennifer weiner now. i recommend her definately. oh and congrats on your 5km. it will be so fun and such an accomplishment.