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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

off to the beach i go...

hi everyone :) hope you're having a happy hump day!!

got in exercise yesterday (1 of 3): 35 min on the elliptical. today i had to run errands so i didnt get to go during work and tonight i have to work late (until 5:30ish) so i'm trying to find the willpower to get to the gym. i dont know if i'll be going tmw, i have a half day and then i'm going to D's graduation (he's on the 7 year plan...lol - kidding, he's been working full time for 2 years now & only takes 2 classes a semester) so i dont know if i'm going to be able to fit it in? we'll see. i will figure out a way to get that last work out in - it might just be on monday (i've been starting my weeks on tuesdays).

i went out last night for a going away party for D's sister. she's moving to the west coast. his sister and ex-gf (before me) are BFFs so she was there. and she has put on a LOT of weight....not that that made me feel good about myself (okay it did)...but it made me realize i'm not fat, i'm not a big girl. i'm a girl who struggles with 5-10 lbs to lose. and that upped my self esteem. is that bad? it sounds bad when i type it. oh well.

anypoo.....still reading "something blue". pretty good, not as good as something borrowed but it definitely holds my interest! i bought another emily giffin book: baby proof. anyone read that?

oh yea! i'm going to florida for the weekend for a girls trip. i'll try to be good but honestly, i'm probably going to splurge and there will drinking...but only wine or light beer for me. i dont drink liquor.

alright....time to find something to occupy my time for the next hour. SO bored!!


CaRoLyN said...

ahhh I love it that your so honest...of course it's not bad that the heavier ex-gf made you feel better. Any woman would be lying if they said it didn't.

Oh and I love it that you use words like anypoo. You are too cute!

You know I want in on the private blog!!! carolynestey@hotmail.com (my e-mail is on my blog so don't worry about erasing it)

Jenny said...

I loved Baby Proof, especially since I'm not sure if babies are for me. I think it was the best one of all three.

Anonymous said...

hehe. i don't think it is bad of you to think that way about the ex-gf. i totally would. have fun on your girls trip. sounds like a blast.

Anonymous said...

i actually liked something blue more than something borrowed. i like how darcy grows as a person.

i would have been happy too to see my husband's ex looking fat.. i think it's just a girl thing, lol

Anonymous said...

i don't know if my first comment went through, so i'll try this again:

i liked something blue better than something borrowed, because i like how darcy grows as a person.

if i saw one of my husband's exes and she was looking fat, i'd be happy too. i think it's a girl thing.