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Thursday, May 08, 2008


hi everyone! :)

so i've made it to the gym 3 days straight this week. i'm going again today to do weights & then i'm gonna switch it up from the elliptical and walk on an incline for 25-30 mins. thats the plan for the day! i'm obsessed with this book "something borrowed" - i'm almost finished with it! i can't put it down. i'm excited to read the next one. i broughtt hem both today, hopefully i can finish it up.

after today i'll have met my summer challenge commitment of 3x a week. my week started on tuesday since i started the challenge last tuesday...anypoo! last night after work i went to the gym and got on the elliptical - i set it for 60 mins and covered up the time, i dont like to look at it until i feel like i'm almost done. well i hopped off really fast to get water - i had probably been on for 35 mins and when i got back on, i kept going but the incline didnt change after a while, so i looked at the time and the machine had shut off. so annoying. so i did another 35 minutes and i'm guessing i hit 70 mins on the elliptical yesterday? which is great....but i think i need to switch it up and get on the treadmill or the bike or something, just for a change.

alright....back to work. tgit! (ti-jit as my sister pronounces it!)

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