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Friday, December 22, 2006

135! 135! 135!

i got on the scale this morning and it moved! YES! i am so happy...and the funny thing is (and i know i know...we've all heard this before) that i actually ate more yesterday than i normally do and still lost weight. i had a wrap at "great wraps" and figured it to be about 15 points even though it seemed like a healthy option at the time.

wrap: large wheat tortilla, sauteed onions, chicken, provolone, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, lite ranch

it was the lite ranch that did me in! oh well...i then went out for drinks at fridays (about 2 glasses of red wine) with my boyfriend and ordered a house salad, no croutons or cheese with lemons on the side, no dressing. i usually some of his appetizer but stuck to my salad and squeezed the lemon on it. it was good...and i realized i wasn't hungry that i just wanted to eat...so 0 points for that!

anyway...i am going to the gym today for week two day two and i'm pretty excited. hopefully it will be a little bit easier today!

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