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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

tuesday is my wednesday this week

happy hump day! i have friday off so instead of today being tuesday, i'm thinking of it as wednesday and my week is half way done.

so i'm already through a liter of water (4 glasses). yesterday i drank 8.5 glasses at work! WOO! needless to say i was running to the bathroom all day. oh well, at least i got out of my chair so that is a small victory. i still weighed 138 on the scale this morning. that number needs to budge soon or i will start to lose motivation.

i brought my gym clothes with me so i am going to go after work. i wish i looked like this chick on the treadmill. i found this couch potato to 5k workout plan so i might try that.

someone brought in pumpkin bars today and i ate half of one.
so here is what i've had so far
breakfast: smoothie (1)
snack: cheese stick (1), unsalted trail mix (2.5)
oops: 1/2 pumpkin bar (2.5?)

my excuse for eating that is that i will burn it off at the gym. so now i really have to go. having a lean cuisine for lunch or a salad.

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