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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


so, i weighed myself this morning. i was scared because i had a crazy weekend and even though i feel thinner, i knew there was probably some water weight floating around inside my body. well looks like i'm right at 137. PERFECT. i would love to lose another pound or two but hey, i will take this. i am now in the acceptable BMI for my height. wonderful!

today begins week 2 of the couch potato to 5k...since i started the week on a monday, i am giving myself until this coming monday (christmas!!) to do the other two runs for the week. my parents both have treadmills so it should be a piece of cake.

i'm going to a work lunch today at a restaurant that i've never heard of. i looked their menu up online and it looks like i'm going to get a shrimp cocktail and a side house salad, dressing on the side. it says balsamic vinagerette but i will ask if they have anything else...i might just get something on the side and eat it plain....i don't mind that actually, its pretty good and the best part is ZERO points.

i have to do some christmas shopping again tonight. last time i bet i killed 2 activity points at the mall but i didn't count them. i took away 5 flex points though because i definitely had a few glasses of wine last night. oops!!

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