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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

holiday happiness

hello hello! things are going well...i'm not sure what my weight is, i will weigh in when i'm back home tommorow but i feel good. i've been weighing myself on my mom's scale and it says 132 but i don't know how that compares to the scale i've been weighing myself on so we will see.

exercise wise, i have really impressed myself. christmas eve, christmas and yesterday i worked out each day. i think it was this couch potato to 5k thing that has me motivated...i want to complete each week and i had put off week 2 so long that i had to get it finished on christmas eve and christmas. but christmas day, after seeing all of my delicious favorites that my mom had made (AND after eating a little too much pecan breakfast cake) i stayed on the treadmill for 62 minutes and burned 500 calories! needless to say those activity points helped with what i ate. but i feel like my body is changing a little bit...my love handles are definitely shrinking down, i can feel it. so i am anxious to weigh in tommorow. i don't think i will exercise today but i will be hitting the mall so that will be exercise enough. tommorow i will hit the gym! new years eve is the only obstacle i can see in the future as far as eating/drinking goes but i would love to be down to 130 or less by my birthday february 9th...that would be wonderful! then i will have lost the weight i gained since i first lost weight! 2 years ago i went from 148 to 128 in about 3 or 4 months and that is the immediate goal. after that....who knows...i've been comfortable at that weight since high school but i may try to 125 or even 120. but first thing is first...130.

even though i've mostly been on point this week (with the exception of some drinking)...i have kept this in the back of my head: the weight you gained did not happen between christmas and new year...it happened between new year and christmas!

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