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Monday, December 18, 2006

bad kelly, bad

this past weekend was a three day one for me. needless to say i partied the entire time. thursday night was a mess...went out to happy hour and then a bar afterwards, don't worry, i paid for it the next morning. then friday night my friend came home from her semester abroad in italy so we went out for drinks. oops. saturday was a work brunch cruise...free drinks and buffet that i definitely took advantage of. i'm up 2 lbs but i'm pretty certain it was water weight...i ate well all day yesterday and even when i "cheated" this weekend it was still pretty healthy with salads and grilled shrimp, etc...i am going to the gym tonight so i will weigh myself wednesday and move forward from there...i know that its kind of unrealistic for me to lose any weight between now and christmas...i enjoy the holidays and my mom's cooking and i don't want to deprive myself. i will just take smaller portions so hopefully i can maintain my weight.

anyway...not much else is new

so far today:
breakfast: kashi granola bar (2.5)
snack: light & fit smoothie (1)

...i have some ranch rice cakes waiting for me...i love them. i might have to go dive in bc i have the munchies today!!

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