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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

so hungry today!

i have been so hungry today. i'm listening to my body and feeding it, only with healthy food. i want to save up some calories for some wine tonight during the biggest loser finale...hey, i gotta celebrate and the way i look at it, wine is way better than beer!

today's menu so far:
breakfast: kashi granola bar (2.5)
snack: cheese stick (1), WW chocolate cake (1)
lunch: turkey, ff cheese & mustard on wonder light bread (3)
water: 1 liter down, 1 to go after work (i have a meeting in an hour that i don't want to be running out of!)
total: 7.5

tonight i will be having a lean cuisine pizza i think, the new kind, brickoven i think. yum! i might also stop and pick up some veggies or open a can of string beans. also some red wine...so i should be good on points.

tommorow is day 2 of the couch potato to 5K...i kind of want to do it tonight but i might just go for a walk depending on the weather. i'm trying not to overload myself. the last 2 weeks i focused on my eating and only went to the gym once. this week i'm working on drinking more water and hitting up the gym. so far, so good!!

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