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Thursday, December 21, 2006

teeny tiny bit of frustration going on here

well...well...well...today was the day. "weigh-in day". i don't go to WW meetings, i know i know, people say that's the key but hey, it's not something i want to incorporate into my schedule, as i feel busy enough as it is. with that being said, i weigh myself on the same scale in my bathroom. well today was the day. i felt really good going into it. i was under points yesterday (as i am most days...i think this may be the problem) and i even ran at the gym (couch potato to 5k...i will get to that in a minute). well i slept at my bf's house last night, woke up all early, before work and went back to my house to weigh myself. even though i was completely dressed in my work attire i stripped down...butt naked...my mom taught me that is the only way to weigh. haha. i was looking for 136...even 136.5...i just wanted to number to budge like it did last week. NOPE. 137. which is fine...i'm happy with it...i feel great. i have more energy lately and i can tell in my clothes and in my buck naked state that i have definitely lost weight in my legs, stomach, chest...i don't know though. that number on the scale is so gratifying...it holds so much significance in my motivation factor. i'm working on overcoming that and i'm staying on the plan but i am going to experiment with those flex points this week...with christmas coming i'm sure that will be a piece of cake. anyway...there you have it...137. could be worse but hey, i need some kind of reward for this past month of intense weight-watcher-ing.

so non-scale-victory yesterday was going to the gym again...started week 2 of the couch potato to 5k. it was definitely a little bit harder than last week. by the last day of last week's program i felt great, it was almost a little easy. so i guess this is what i get. i know it's all about building the endurance so i have a gym date with a hot treadmill tommorow after work. wish me luck. then afterwards i will be celebrating christmas with my wonderful boyfriend. can't wait :) i am so anxious when it comes to gift giving. the second i get it, i want to hand it over and scream "OPEN IT!!! HURRY!"...i don't know why i'm like that. on the other hand, i get sort of embarassed when i have to open gifts because part of me has that "ohhh you shouldn't have" gene in me. thanks mom.

back to work i go...

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