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Monday, December 18, 2006

almost time to go...

today i am doing day 3 of the couch potato to 5k running program. tommorow is the start of week 2 for this program so i need to get this final day in tonight.

i am drinking a sugar free red bull before i leave work...i've been doubting whether or not i wanted to go to the gym in the first place, but i am going to force myself...i drank/ate too much this weekend and i dont want this water weight sticking around. i've already drank all my 8 glasses of water for the day so i'm feeling good. dinner will probably be brocoli & a lean cuisine. maybe a glass of wine...i can't resist, i feel like wine is my reward at night and i save points for it but i feel like i should cut back to lose more weight??

off to the gym i go...

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