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Friday, December 29, 2006


hey hey hey! i had to come into work today...hopefully it flies by. i'm having lunch with my boyfriend at subway so i think i am going to get a turkey wrap. i feel so bloated today, i think because it's my special time of the month but i definitely weighed myself and gained a pound. i am not even acknowledging it because i know i have gone above and beyond this past week and my clothes are way loose so i am blaming it on my TOTM and waiting until next week to finalize that number.

i have some rice cakes in my drawer that i want to nibble on before subway...a little appetizer before the main event. i want to use some flex points today...i have about 20 left for today and tommorow.

no running today...probably sunday. my mom is visiting tommorrow and we are having mexican for dinner but i am going to be good...i am saving myself for new years eve!

i'm boring today sorry...i think it's aunt flow.

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