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Monday, November 26, 2007

turkey day recap

hi all!! i'm back. thanks to my dear friend katie-o for telling me to get my butt back here. now here come the excuses. some more valid than others. i just got back last night from spending tues-sunday at my mom's house. lots of fun up until the point where i caught the worst. cold. ever.

that's right, i went from sore throat to sniffles to coughing to uncontrollable sneezing fits and now i'm back in the coughing/sore chest phase. YUCK! so needless to say, not much going on with diet/exercise. oh well. tis the season i guess.

i ate alright on thanksgiving, took smaller portions and didn't really go for the appetizers. i had this thought in the back of my head from a statistic i heard on tv. the average american eats 2300+ calories at their thanksgiving meal. GROSSSSSS. so i tried to go easy on the mashed potatoes and deliciousness and heavy on the veggies. all in moderation, right?

i did play football with my family at our annual turkey bowl. haha. it was fun and my team won. i also caught a winning pass and ran around like a crazy person. it was a lot of fun but it definitely reminded me that i need to get back in shape. i will weigh myself tmw but i don't think i've gained more than a pound. thats good right?

done well today on the points front. sorry for the lack of posting...i'm so busy at work. i know that sounds like a BS excuse but its not. i'm so busy and i love it. a lot to do and the days go by so fast!

funny story: last night i told D that i hadn't been to the gym in almost 2 weeks. the first and only thing he said about that was "well, what are your blog friends going to think about that? i'm telling them!" haha....he doesn't know the web URL but i already know what you probably think about it and i am making a promise to you, my blog friends, that i will be in the gym tmw. no excuses. there, happy now D? haha

making some healthy spaghetti tonight with D! :) onwards and upwards (well downwards for the scale)....bye ladies!


katieo said...


Good for you on Thanksgiving!
Being busy at work- not a lame excuse, it happens to all of us (even if our work is home :) Sorry I had to call you out like that, it's only out of love! :) (That, and I check here first every day and was sick of seeing the same thing over and over...)

and as far as training for that 4miler, I didn't really "train" I just made sure I could actually run 4 miles before the actual race, lol! (I signed up for the race 3 weeks before Thanksgiving) I'm shooting for a 10K in March so after Christmas I'll probably have to ramp up my running. And if you're even considering it- DO IT. Seriously. It was a lot of fun, really cheap, and made me feel really cool. I bet the DC area has got a ton of little 5K's going on all the time!

oh yeah, and I hope you're feel better! Uncontrollable sneezing fits? I HATE those!

Glam said...

Feel better soon! Being sickly during the holidays? Completely unfair.

No excuses - get thee to the gym pronto! ;)

CaRoLyN said...

You're back! We missed you!!
Sounds like you had a great Holiday with your family. The tueky bowl sounds so cute, just like out of a movie. I can't even imagnie my family getting together for that.
Sounds like you had some great victories at the meal as well! I have been kind of slacking in the gym department too so I need to get my butt back there. I only went 3 times last week and I haven't gone yet this week. I'm hoping to go today, tmr and maybe Thurs. I need to get in at least 3 sessions right? So do you! We know we'll feel so much better right??
I'm with Katie, I was getting bored of reading the same post everyday! Glad you're back!

Randi said...

Hey welcome back. We expect perfect attendance both here and at the gym to make up for your absence. (though I get the busy work thing, it's cool)
Very cute about D talking about your blog friends. My hubby completely forgets that I've got a blog and I'll say I need pictures for it or whatever and he'll be like "for what? You're doing what on the internet?" he's clueless.

eat like a caveman said...

welcome back! been reading your blog everyday and was sad that u weren't on for a while...

yup. i'm just like you. time to sharpen up because the holidays are TRULY in session. the thing i'm telling myself this week is that it's december starting this Friday and that i'm giving myself the last few days of november to stay on top...so that come december, i can just "be aware" but still enjoy the season! hehe. good luck~