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Thursday, November 29, 2007

one of my lamest excuses yet

okay you guys....i was having a GREAT hair day today. i'm talking like the long flowy loose curls like the girls have on tv. it was beautiful. not to brag but my hair has gotten really long and i've finally figured out how to curl it just right to get that "i didn't try that hard" look.

sort of like this

well i have plans tonight to meet up with some girlfriends. i was supposed to go to the gym before i left work. so here is my lame excuse: i told myself i wouldn't go to the gym, i didn't want to mess up my hair and i didn't want to have to redo it.

how conceited! i was actually buying into this excuse for about 2 hours. as i turned out of the parking lot, i felt myself gravitating towards the gym. where i spent 33 good sweaty minutes on the elliptical. the hair is up off my face, but you know what...who cares. i'm not that vain. i just wanted an excuse i could find.

so i did it!! my trip to the gym is done and now i can relax and hang out with my friends.

have a good night!!


CaRoLyN said...

I'm so proud of you Kelly!!!!!

I totally would have used the hair excuse! I love curling my hair, it's so fun and sexy! Good job for dragging your sexy butt to the gym! Your motivating me!

Anne said...

Good job! Ok, so now tell me how you got your hair to look like that!

kelly said...

thanks carolyn!! i know, curled hair gives me extra pep in my step for some reason :)

anne-hey girl! well i'm no hair expert and kind of stumbled on this by mistake. i usually shower at night and wake up and straighten my hair....well i showered one night and let my hair air dry for the most part...i have naturally straight hair but when i woke up my hair was kind of "big" and a little frizzy. it looked crazy. all over the place. well i brushed it all out (even more poofy) and then took the sections and wrapped as big of sections as i could around the curling iron and sprayed them with hair spray. my hair never really holds a curl but when i let it naturally dry it has more texture to it and somehow holds the curl better. by the end of the day it's fallen nicely and it looks great! i've gotten so many compliments on it. it works better the longer my hair gets. :)

katieo said...

Good for you Kelly!

I just cut all of my hair off. :(

Lily T said...

I also make lame excuses! Great job pushing through and getting the workout done!

Living to Feel Good said...

Wow I am PROUD of you. I would have just gone another day. Hahaha.

Sorry I didn't respond to your challenge. I haven't been on the computer. Right now I am trying to eat right as the sweets have been very challenging to me.

Shelley said...

Gotta love a good hair day! I had a good hair day the same day that I had a good shopping day!! Yea, I would say a good hair day is a good excuse to skip the gym. I wish my hair were long again! I've been cutting off a color gone wrong, but its finally gone now I'm growing it out. Haven't had a hair cut since September 5th! But my hair grows slow.

Anyway, how are you?? What have you been up to? Thanks for the tip about the gloves. I had to pull mine out yesterday, so it occurrd to me that if I need them in California, I'm definitely gonna need them in DC!! I can't wait to go to Mie N Yu!! And Georgetown sounds perfect! I was happy that it was there because I know there are lots of great shops!! I was there 13 years ago, but I was a starving student-no money! Now, watch out! Shelley's going shopping in Georgetown! :) You are right-you always find stuff when you can't afford it or you can't find anything at all!

Well, I've rambled on enough for one day! Hope you are well! Glad you ended up going to the gym anyway! Good girl.!
Take care,
PS I wish EP let us put blogspot friends on our list so I can keep track of you better! :)

Living to Feel Good said...

Want to start the exercise challenge up tomorrow? I'm ready!