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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


hi everyone!! not much to say, having a blah week :\ i think it's PMS. oh well, hoping for a maintain on friday's weigh-in!! :)

alright...back to work. just wanted to check in so you ladies didn't think i feel off the wagon. i did have a run-in with some peanut m&m's last night but i was able to put them away after a handful. so thats good :)

happy hump day!!


Danielle said...

Hi Kelly -

Was starting to worry about you!!

GREAT job with the M&M's! I have been having a rough week myself but had a long talk with myself last nigth and think I am back in the game!!

Have a Great rest of the week!!


Glam said...

I love that you have a 'last chance workout'. That's a really neat idea! I just might have to try it!