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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

happy hump day!

scale: 136.6

yesss :) back down to the comfortable range. hopefully i can stay around 136 by friday, that would be great. plan today is to hit the gym sometime during work...eat my lean cuisine and try to stay low cal. i may go to happy hour tmw, which i might cancel on bc i forgot about weigh-in. i don't want to mess with weigh-in!!

biggest loser was great last night. i'm glad that girl won the car (i forget her name)...how great. i'm glad isabeau got to stay, i like her. is anyone suprised how they all lost more weight than usual (with the exception of one or two people) working out without electric treadmills/ellipticals/etc....thought that was interesting.

alright, may post later. have a great day and here is a good link for you: grab & go: healthy fast food choices


Danielle said...

Kelly -

Good Morning. Your site finally gave me umph tostart my own blog. I would love to add your link to my favorite places.

Is that ok with you?!?!


Shannon said...

i love the biggest loser, but do those commercials and prolonging of stuff not drive you INSANE?

kelly said...

shannon - i only watch it on tivo. i usually fast forward through the competition & parts at the end. its better to watch it that way, i can't stand the suspense!!

jodi said...

i need to start taping BL again, those commercials drive me insane... they could TOTALLY do an hour show! :op

and nice job on the loss! :o)