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Monday, November 05, 2007

good weekend, cheese fries & the challenge

monday came too fast! i definitely had a great weekend, tried to stay low on the points side....but defintely dipped into some flex points. i did manage to stay at 136.4 on the scale both saturday & sunday, so that's good! hopefully i can be an even 136 by friday's weigh-in!

i'm not sure that the outback steakhouse i ate for dinner last night helped. i had about 10 cheese fries....which isn't too good but at least i tried the whole "everything in moderation thing". my sister has gained a few lbs and wanted one last supper before she starts her diet today. even though i've been dieting, i helped her out with those 10 cheese fries. but i stopped myself and didn't go back for more. it was nice to have that control. by the time my chicken sandwich came out (without the bun), i was full, so i didnt eat it. couldn't have been that bad. the scale was up a little this morning but i'm confident it will be back to 136/137 tmw :)

not much else to say. just a warning though for people who use dottie's weight loss zone restaurant guide for points: i found 2 restaurants where her points listing was off. corner bakery & subway. i ordered the chicken & dumpling soup from subway. on her site she says its 2 points. well after one bite i knew that was too good to be true and it came out to be 3.5 points when i checked subway's website. i know that's not a huge difference but to me it's significant. however, at corner bakery she said something was 15 points and 480 calories when really it was way less and probably 9-10 points so i guess it goes both ways. just be sure to double check the nutritionals on the restaurant website before you eat it!!

i must confess, i didn't succeed at my own challenge! i only worked out 4 of 5 days last week. but hey, i'm happy i tried. i like the challenge. this week i'm going to aim for 4 workouts, i think i can manage that!! :)

hope you all have a wonderful start to your week. i'm definitely getting to the gym today!!


CaRoLyN said...

I failed miserably at the exercise Challenge last week. I don't even want to talk about it! But today is a new week and my goal is to get in 4 workouts. Starting with today after work!

I think you did pretty good on your dinner out with your sister! It's so hard, especially when whoever you're with is not really watching what they are eating. Cheesy Fries sound sooo good! Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend and stayed in check!

CaRoLyN said...


I know what you mean about DWLZ. I've been misled a few times too so now I ALWAYS check the website to see if they have the nutrition info up. It makes me so mad when restaurants don't post that stuff!!

CaRoLyN said...

Yes this is my 3rd comment in the last 30 mins
No I am not stalking you, promise

MONKEY BREAD?!?! Sounds so ridiculously yummy. Do you think I could scam the recipe? We are having a few Christmas get togethers and I need all the great recipes I can get! I want to be one of those Christmas hosts who have everything!! (I'll just be sneding it all home with the guests!)

katieo said...

Hey 4X in a week is STILL rockin the workouts. Good job!

And I'm just going to pretend that I didn't read that part about Outback cheese fries.

(I LOVE that you are a ND fan! :)

Randi said...

I totally DID succeed at the challenge! I did 4 really good workouts, and then a crappy dog walking one that I'm disappointed with because of lack of sweating and lack of real effort. I guess it's really like 4.5. But that's still good in my books! Back on track this week girly! You got cheese fries to burn!

Lily T said...

I failed your challenge (was it two weeks ago now?) with 4 out of five days, but I did appreciate it. It would have been a lot less. I posted the result on my blog. I didn’t participate in your recent challenge mostly because I didn’t hear about it until now. Exercise would have been even more challenging last week. I only did 3 days, but I didn’t push myself.

Good luck on this week’s challenge!