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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

entertainment needed?

well i made it to the gym again this morning. 50 minutes on the elliptical doing hills. about 500 calories. i have to admit, i get bored very easily and to curb my boredom, i always bring magazines to the gym. they help a lot but i definitely go through them fast and magazines are kind of a waste of money, ya know? i have a subscription (that i've bought through coworkers/boyfriend's little sisters school sales) to self, fitness, glamour, lucky & shape. wow, i know. but they go for about $10 on amazon.com (or though the sales for the schools) so i don't think that's ALL that bad. considering i would spend $3 for one copy if it caught my eye at the grocery store.

so my question is, what do you do to stay entertained at the gym? i know, it's bad that i need to be constantly entertained but....i guess it's a generation X thing. i listen to my ipod and sometimes there is something good on tv but i think i need to start reading a soft-cover book on the elliptical. i'm reading harry potter 6 right now but that thing weighs like 6 lbs, i know that won't be making it to the gym with me, and i doubt i could keep it stable while elliptical-ing. :) my dad's gym has individual tvs on all the ellipticals/treadmills....and you can watch 50 channels! i'm jealous!

going shopping later with my boyfriend....i need to find a cocktail dress for this black tie dinner his work is putting on at the ritz carlton. yay baby!!! :)

scale crept down to 137.2 - lets get to 136 by friday! woo!!

and can't wait for biggest loser tonight! i can't get enough of that show


Danielle said...

Kelly -

HI - just came across your blog and LOVE IT!!

I too do WW - 30, married, 1 child, living in New York. I too am 5'2 and looking to get to 130. I have lost 60lbs so far!!

Good Luck to you!!


Randi said...

Good workout. The thing with reading is sometimes it can distract you too much and you don't work out hard while you're doing both. Make sure you're sweating!
Sweet dress shopping with the boyfriend, how very pretty woman of you. Have to post a picture!

CaRoLyN said...

I always bring a magazine with me or I grab one form the stockpile that is at the gym. There are only about 6 or 7 TVs at my gym and most of them are tuned in to News or Sports so I usually ignore them. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE individual TVs. How great would that be?

I think bringing a book with you would be great! I've never even though of that. Thanks for the Idea. I usually try to read or people watch while I'm at the gym. I get bored kind of easy too so it helps to have something distracting me from the timer on the machine!

Cory said...

I either listen to my MP3 player or read a book. Sometimes it's a novel and sometimes I take a school book in and do some studying. I see nothing wrong with doing something like that. Sometimes it's the only way I can get in enough time for my schoolwork!

katieo said...

Our gym lets people bring their own DVD's to put on (especially on slow days. People often bring in old episodes of Friends or heroes or the office, or a new movie)

Audio book?

I just have to keep refreshing my iPod with new music.
But you know the real solution right? CLASSES! Go to a spin class Kelly! Just once, no magazines needed. (although I know I'm going out on a limb here, what if the teacher totally sucked?) Anyway classes are one of the only ways now for me to stay focused.

Shannon said...

I need to get a cocktail dress too for nov 24. i love getting all dressed up.

Anne said...

Crossing my finger for you for Friday. Hope you find a smoking hot dress!

jodi said...

i use my iPod whether i'm on the treadmill, the elliptical, or doing weights... the only time that i read magazines is if they actually have one that isn't 2 months old and even then, i don't feel that i workout as hard... i've been watching 'ellen' lately though and that makes treadmill work go fast really fast! :o)

Living to Feel Good said...

Well I totally flunked the challenge last week. I only did 2/5 days because I chose to do a bunch of Halloween activities instead. If you do the challenge next week let me know because I think it would be good for me to do when I am under a little stress getting ready for Thanksgiving. I want to keep a clear head.