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Thursday, November 01, 2007

how is it already november?

challenge: day 3 of 5 complete!
25 minutes elliptical
7 minutes treadmill

it's almost friiiiiday! :) which means it's almost the weekend but it ALSO means that it's almost christmas weigh-in #4. i weighed this morning. down 1 lb, so that's good. let's hope it stays that way for tmw. i've been bouncing between 136-139 these 2 months and i'm pretty sick of it! i've gotten my gym time in lately, which feels amazing and i can definitely see the flab melting away. it's so weird how 5-6 lbs will totally change the way i feel, the way i look, and how my clothes fit. i think it has to do with being short (5'2)....5 lbs for me is like 10 lbs for the tall girls out there.

i had a good workout today. i went on my lunch break to the "nice gym" on our work campus. those elliptical machines are great, it doesn't hurt my knees like other ellipticals. and it adjusts with steeper intervals, which i like. i realized once i was all changed that i forgot my towel. um...yuck. lately i've been pouring sweat on the elliptical....so i didn't go for as long as usual and didn't do any inclines. then i walked on the treadmill. i didn't sweat that bad. i took a quick rinse and used an extra (clean) t-shirt that i had in my gym bag to dry off. why does that make me feel like such a hobo? it was clean!! but i'm glad no one saw me wiping my bod with my boyfriend's tshirt. lol ;P

halloween went by smooth & easy. i did have 2 "fun-sized" snickers. fun-sized....lol. for some reason, i think those aren't "as bad for you" as some of the other candy. my exbf (who was training to be a personal trainer....back when we were in high school....lol) once told me that if you couldn't eat a regular meal, you should eat a snickers bc it was high in protein and low on the glycemic index. i don't know why that's stuck with me but for some reason i feel like baby snickers aren't that bad.

wow, look what i found: "1 Fun Size candy bar (Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfingers, etc.)...that comes to 80 calories. You will need to walk 0.8 miles, 1.29 kilometers, or 1600 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps."

how far to walk off the trick or treat candies

interesting. well i had 2 mini snickers yesterday at a work party. and now i'm over it. luckily i'm not big on candy so i don't feel the need to splurge on the leftover candy at our house. a few bites definitely satisfied my "candy sweet tooth". now ice cream/froyo...that's another story.

this week has been good points/exercise wise. i plan on going to the gym again tmw during work & then doing a long walk or some sort of activity over the weekend! i'm loving these exercise challenges, they really do motivate me!


CaRoLyN said...

Kelly, you're so motivational! I wish I had only had 2. At least the damage was controlled at 4! I'm over it now AND I was all psyched to go to the gym today and then I gave blood on my lunch and they said NO physical activity for at least 8 hours! I couldn't get over it and tried to debate it with her but it was a no go. Can you imagine? I was actually fighting with someone to let me go to the gym??

Sounds like you are rocking the gym though and I am making a promise right now to get 4 days in next week plus an at home exercise session to get in a total of 5. I know I can do it. This week has just been a mess of hecticness (so not even a word)

Thanks for the comment today. I honestly think I just needed some encouragement so thanks for that darlin! I know WI tomorrow is going to be ugly but I'm ready to face the music and get this last 5 lbs off (whcih may be more than 5 tomorrow!) I want it off before Christmas!! I want to be looking hot in all the Holiday pics!

The Office is on tonight! Don't forget!

Randi said...

You're not a hobo! funny. remember a towel from now on! It sucks to be working out but not REALLY working out. I mean you're there already, it's worth it to go hard. (unless you don't have a towel i guess)
Good job on only 2 snickers. but I do think your exbf is crazy. How could all that sugar be low on the GI?