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Thursday, November 08, 2007

lunchin & munchin

it's almost friday!! this week has flown by. i've already gotten in 2 good workouts this week and i'm planning on another one after or during work. haven't decided. i need to do something though! maybe a workout DVD? it sure is cold outside but maybe an outdoor jog is in my future?

i have the munchies today. i'm already up to 9.5 points and its only 12:45. Well thankfully I'm full now and i have grapes in the fridge if i need something sweet later. scale said 137 this morning. i went over my points last night by 4 or 5. i've been playing with eating more points than usual this week which was working. so i will cut back today and only eat 20. see if that works. hopefully i can get back to 136 by tmw. i'll take a half a pound loss, i dont care.

alright...not much to say. i have the after lunch sleepyness going on! ta ta!

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Danielle said...

Old Navy is having a 20% off everything sale - so get online its almost over!!

YES me too - I LOVE mail and packages - that is when they get delivered - UPS stinks sometimes!!