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Thursday, November 08, 2007

last chance workout

i am such a dork! but i embrace it :) i totally pushed myself in the gym today bc i know weigh-in is tmw. i don't know what the scale will say in the morning but i feel great right now, that's all i know. did you guys see biggest loser on tuesday when they were doing last chance workouts and the lady was moaning and groaning and jillian was like

"SHUT UP. SHUT UP." haha....i love her.

exercise log:
65 mins elliptical = 600 calories burned

this is going to sound cheesy but you all really do motivate me to get to the gym. the christmas challenge & the accountability have played a big role in me getting back in there and staying OP. so thank you ladies!! i told my boyfriend that i pushed it extra hard tonight bc weigh-in is tmw. he kind of laughed and told me how cute it was that i had blog friends :) haha. he's the best.

the girl next to me asked one of the trainers to tell her how to use the elliptical and i was FLYING away next to her. i saw her glance down at my minutes/calories burned/etc. and i totally remember being that girl. thinking...i can barely do this for 15 mins, how on earth has the person next to me been on this thing for an hour. so that felt good.

another incentive was i'm going for sushi tonight with my sister & her boyfriend and i needed to burn some APs. so done and done. off to dinner. see you ladies tmw and good luck to everyone who is weighing in for the christmas challenge.


swizzlepop said...

Congrats on the 60 mins elliptical. I am dying at 30 min I thik I would be dead at 60. Great work!!!

CaRoLyN said...

60 mins! Good for you! That is awesome! I've never gone over 45 mins but I have never really pushed myself to actually do it. My workouts are only ever 45 mins and then I'm done. My legs are quite sore those from 4 days in a row of ellipticalling. I wonder if it's just me or if my legs are actually changing shape. They feel much leaner and I noticed in the mirror the other day that they seem to be changing shape a little. Do you find that too?? Maybe it's just me since I inheritied ugly, bulky legs.

Hope you had a great dinner last night. I still haven't brought myself to try Sushi but hopefully someday. Is it high/low in points?? What would you recommend?

I always refer to you guys as my "Blog girls or blog friends" to Scott and he always laughs but seriously, I probably know what's going on in your life and the other girls than I do with some of my friend that I see only every few weeks you know? Plus it's hard to talk to my friends about WW and losing weight since not one of them is at the same stage that I am.

Well i think I'm rambling. Happy Friday! Do you guys have a long weekend this weekend down there?

Danielle said...

AWESOME job Kelly. My gift to myself last January was an elliptical for my rec room and now while I have the gym I dont use it as much but I LOVE that I have it for when I do want to use it!!

Have a great weekend.


katieo said...

I LOVED that part in BL with Jillian!!

Good luck with WI. I totally know about the blog friends. I know it totally affects me when I start dreaming about flying all of my bloggy buddies out just to go to lunch or maybe the gym. And you were my first blog friend (feeling warm and fuzzy...lol)

Randi said...

Ha! My hubby doesn't quite "get" how I'm blogging and met people and whatever. I tell him and he's like "what?" and I'm like, yeah remember, I have a blog where I talk about losing weight and stuff? He doesn't even get that.

I totally know what to say to you next time you complain about working out or come up with some kind of excuse! Shut up!

good luck with WI!

Jay Cam said...

congrats! sounds like u r burning calories like crazy! keep it up!

Lily T said...

Good job on the workout, and good luck on the WI.

Blog friends are awesome!

I don’t really participate in as much challenges as you, but it’s nice to know that there are others whom are going through similar experiences.