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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

blog motivation

i just want to thank all of you who comment and read my blog! it really means a lot to me to have you all as friends and i realized that today. as i was turning out of work, i had the little devil on my shoulder saying "just go home, you can go to the gym tmw"...but what did i do? turned towards the gym...because the angel on my shoulder was reminding me "didn't you promise you would go to the gym to everyone who reads your blog? AND you haven't been in two weeks"....so 30 mins of cardio later, i feel great. and this blog really is to thank for that. it keeps me completely accountable. when i wasn't posting last week, i totally felt a little bit of guilt for not fessing up to my holiday eating flubs! so thank you :)

not much else to say...gotta shower off the sweat & we're going out to dinner for something healthy. last night i made whole wheat pasta with spaghetti sauce (60 cal a serving) filled with boca meat. it was good. i had the leftovers today for lunch.

note to self: cook a big pot of whole wheat pasta and make mini meals to take for lunch and eat for dinner. i need to cut back on the lean cuisines.

alright...have a good night everyone!! :)


Anne said...

Very proud of you, way to go!

katieo said...

oh I can't tell you how many times the blog has *saved* me! Good job last night, I WAS wondering if you had gone!

Shannon said...

yay girl,i read your blog right before I left work and I didn't really feel like hitting the gym either but your note gave me the extra motivation. thanks.

CaRoLyN said...

Nice! I'm so glad you went to the gym! We need to get our butts there! I started today and I'm making a ocmmitment to myself and anyone else who's with me. You in??