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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

exercise log: 9/26

45 minutes on the elliptical = 400 calories burned
20 minutes walking on the treadmill = 100 calories burned
= 500 calories burned & 65 minutes of cardio



CaRoLyN said...

Sweet! Go you!

Are you watch ing the Grey's spin off tonight? Can't wait for tomorrow, ER, the Office and Grey's! That's way too much TV for one night but what can you do???

kelly said...

i think i will tivo private practice - im not sure how i feel about adison shepperd and i didnt like that episode that featured her in that new office. maybe it will be good though. i love taye diggs! i also want to see kid nation & the bionic woman too. i'm a tv nerd!

i love the office & greys. ER i catch every now and then, i feel like its been on tv forever!!

Living to Feel Good said...

Awesome job, and I will join in the TV talk and say I too can't wait for Grey's & ER! I will watch Private Practice tonight, but not sure yet if it will be somehting I will watch every week.

soap box girl said...

Hi Kelly,

De-lurking to say I love your blog and great job working out this week! Don't worry about the scale, you'll probably have a big loss next week.