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Friday, September 14, 2007


weight: 136.6

i was thisclose to not posting today. like i've been saying, my heart really isnt into counting points or working out lately and i've said time and again that i am getting back on track. well i'm on track during the week (except for a few happy hours here and there) but on the weekends i'm bad. well this weekend is the last one. monday i am back on track and i have made a bet with my boyfriend. i haven't come up with it yet...maybe clean his room or something if i don't do it...but i need some kind of motivation. this has got to stop.

i weighed in at 136.6...which isn't bad but its more than my usual and my jeans are TIGHT. im also PMSing so i am kind of using that as an excuse. hopefully i will be done with aunt flo by monday. if not, still going to the gym and still eating right. i always feel slimmer after my period, i dont know what it is. and hardly any cravings. so i think this might just work. i also want to work on dropping 10 lbs by christmas with carolyn and anne so i need to get that started sooner than later!!

i haven't seen last nights BB8 yet so don't tell me who leaves! im going to watch it when i get off work. tonight: going out for drinks/dinner with my girlfriends. saturday: possibly out for dinner with my sister and her friend. and sunday = football. but monday, that's the key i think. focus on that and let myself have one last weekend hurray. sounds like a plan? i hope so!!

have a great weekend everyone :)


CaRoLyN said...

Hope you had a good weekend Kelly! Sounds like you had lots of plans.

I know what you mean about being in a funk. Last weekend was my LAST weekend not coutning points! That's it for me! I'm Donezo!! I need to get this last 10 lbs off before Christmas and I'm going to DO IT!

I didn't even watch BB8 last night because I was so mad that Danielle and Dick are in the end. I can't stand those two. I probably will watch it on Tuesday though just to see everyones reaction to the America's player thing!

Hope you'll consider our Christmas Challenge!!

katieo said...

Kelly. DOn't tell anyone. I'm seriously sick of blogging. waaa. I feel ya. Good luck this weekend.