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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i heart pumpkins

pumpkin spice lattes are back at starbucks. omg. my favorite. i ordered a tall skim, no whip pumpkin spice latte today before work. i checked out dwlz.com - 4.5pts for a tall! whoa. i thought it would be around 3. from now on i am getting the "short"...its the tiniest size at SBX (im a nerd) and it's not up on the menu but you can order them. i'm thinking that would be around 2.5 pts. yum.

aside from the pumpkins in my latte and the pumpkins i've seen around town, it really is starting to feel like fall. part of me is happy that its sweater season and jacket season...i can hide the couple of pounds i've gained quite nicely. but the other part of me is still motivated. i know, suprising. i'm going down to the gym around 12:45 (i ate some food a little while ago and need it to digest). look at me, back in the gym. it feels great and i love it. AND i have my ipod today, which i did not have on monday. i didn't realize how dependent i am on my iPod for working out and staying in the zone.

still haven't weighed in. i will on friday. i'm thinking im still around 135-136 which is fine. just need to keep trucking and get back to normal!
happy hump day everyone :)

p.s. can't wait to watch biggest loser!! i tivo-ed it! :)


jodi said...

i had one this morning and even though it's 6 points (i did the same thing last week, checked AFTER i got it) it's so worth it... perhaps i should go for a tall next time but it just doesn't seem like enough... :o(

CaRoLyN said...

We JUST got a Starbucks in my city last week and honestly....I've been apprehensive about ordering there because everything looks so complicated. I don't get this whol tall, skinny, latte stuff. I'm more of a Java Moose girl (which you probably don't have down south)
I guess I will have to work up the nerve and try to figure out this whole latte thing...I've never had one before. But I do loves me some pumpkin!

Look at you, back to the gym and kicking butt! Good for you Kelly. You're giving me the motivation I need to work my butt off after work at the gym!