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Thursday, September 20, 2007

row, row, row your boat

so yesterday i found myself all alone in the gym. mind you, my gym is one of many in our office complex and this one in particular only has a few treadmills, elliptical machines and weights. nothing fancy but probably could only accomodate 10-15 people who were trying to get their cardio on. i first hopped on the elliptical for 10 mins. then the treadmill for 18. blah. i was bored. i didnt want to do it. and then in the corner of my eye i see the rowing machine.

it was old, wooden, and i have no idea how many calories i burned. it basically only measured time and distance. i was only going to try it for 2 mins (to give me an even 30 mins of cardio...because i'm anal retentive like that). so i hopped on and before i knew it, i was on there for 7 mins. and omg did it burn. my arms were on fire. but a good burn. a biggest-loser-running-in-the-sand-carrying-a-log-over-your-head burn (i imagine). i was so into it, it was awesome. i don't know if i would do it if other people were in there (i'm a shy worker-outer), i was panting pretty hard...turns out (according to sparkpeople.com) i burned around 70 calories, but not bad for 7 mins sitting down, right? but it just reminded me that i need to switch it up every once in a while. try new things.

i really want to work on running more outside since the weather is nice. i kicked my own butt last night and it felt great.

christmas challenge here we come! :)

1 comment:

katieo said...

Go Kelly!! My favorite part was this, " a biggest-loser-running-in-the-sand-carrying-a-log-over-your-head burn" lol!