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Monday, September 24, 2007

tarjay & healthy groceries

ohhh tarjay (target)...how i love thee. my sister and i spent about an hour and a half there yesterday. and most of our time was spent in the grocery aisles. i stocked up on healthy food and i'm excited for this week and ready to start doing the damn thing. :) some things i bought: nature's own honey wheat light bread, pickles, special k, crystal lite water bottle packs, 24oz bottle of water, coke zero, 100 cal key lime pie yogurt, 100 cal lemon cream pie yogurt, coffeemate pumpkin spice, fat free pringles (can't resist them), and some lean cuisines. all diet friendly, nothing bad. NSV!

i have 8 lbs to lose by christmas for the christmas challenge. can i really do it? i hope so. i'm going to really try. this morning the scale is down to 137.2. which is good considering on friday it was up to 138....i've never weighed less on a monday than i did on a friday morning. but it also could be due to TOTM. if i can see 136 tmw i will be happy. i actually had a great weekend eating wise. i may have indulged in too many beers friday night but i got myself back on track and saturday was not a complete waste. i babysat with my sister and we split a small microwavable pizza. yesterday we split a greek style pizza from trader joes (150 calories for 1/3 of the pizza). yum!! so delicious. had some red wine but mostly just had pizza as a cheat food.

today's sandwich i brought for lunch:
2 slices nature's own honey wheat bread (80 calories) = 1 pt
99% fat free turkey = 1 pt
spicy mustard = 0 pt
2 pickle slices on the side = 0 pt
20 sour cream & onion fat free pringles = 1 pt

and i have to say, i am stuffed right now. more stuffed than i am when i eat my lean cuisines. i need to start packing my lunch more. gym today after work. i really have no excuse not to go. i carpooled with my sister and i get off at 4 and she gets off at 5 so i might as well get a run in or hit the elliptical :) motivation is still in full force.

product find: pumpkin spice coffeemate
i keep this at the office, i love it! 45 calories a serving, which is way better than starbucks. but definitely not as tasty. it's a nice fake-out though!

alright....back to work! happy monday and let's get this christmas challenge started :o)


jodi said...

i love target but unfortunately, the ones closest to me - don't have a huge food section... the one near my boyfriend however, does so maybe i need to start going there... they have such great prices on cereal (and other stuff too)... i'm definitely going to try the pumpkin spice coffeemate - i use that stuff everyday but my usual is sugar-free hazelnut (15 cal serving)... :o)

Living to Feel Good said...

Trader Joes has some really yummy pizzas! I also love the pumpkin spice coffemate, and there was a christmas one I loved last year. When it gets colder I'll probably start buying those again.

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm pumpkin spice. Sounds yummy!

I'm so glad that you are so excited about the Christmas Challenge! I have 9 lbs to go and honestly this week I am just hoping for a maintain because last weekend I went a little overboard. Stupid pizza!

I wonder if I can find that bread up there in Canada. Is it better than the WW bread? I usually buy the WW bread but do find it a little small. But what do you expect for 1 pt??

Did you watch Heroes last night? I started getting a cold yesterday so I was in bed by 8:30....wasn't even close to getting to Heroes. What happened?

katieo said...

Hey Kelly! Love that you're so energizd right now. Don't worry about the scale with TTOM coming.