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Friday, September 21, 2007


blah. that's how i can explain how i'm feeling about this weeks progress. actually i felt really good about it until i stepped on the scale. why do those numbers mean so much to me?

weighing in this morning did not bring me as much joy as i expected. but it is still TOTM so next week will hopefully be better! long gone are my days of seeing 132 though, let me tell you that. the scale said...gulp...137. yikes. ouch. what! damn. those were the thoughts in my head. but you know what? deal with it and move on. i've been a good weight watcher this week. i did go out to dinner last night and eat some mexican food so that could be the reason but like i said, i'm trying and i've made huge progress by already getting in 3 workouts this week and being on-point (except for last night when i used some flex points). but i'm back in the gym this afternoon and not giving up. motivation is key. baby steps.

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. not much planned...probably celebrating a friend's birthday tonight and then babysitting tmw night with my sister. so that should be low key and hopefully low cal. :)


katieo said...

TOTM? Don't sweat it! Seriously, you'll kick butt next week. I'm mad at my scale too, I gained this week. :(

CaRoLyN said...

Glad you joined the Christmas Challenge Kelly.

I ALWAYS let the scale pretty much dictate my mood for the whole day! I don't know why that number means so much to me. We SHOULD be concentrating on how amazing we feel for getting to the gym or how loose our pants are fitting or how great we look....Stupid scales!!