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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

shopping is my cardio?

the scale went up this morning. wtf! i hate that damn thing. but oh well...not much i can do about it. i was perfectly on-point yesterday and i think i only ate about 16-18 pts....so i dont know why it went up but dinner was kind of heavy so maybe it was that. hopefully i can just maintain by friday. thats all i want at this point. and no, im not revealing that evil number that i saw this morning. hopefully i will not be seeing it again.

i had a slimfast for breakfast....not sure how i feel about those things but i was in a rush and it seemed like a good idea. i found myself getting snacky around 10am. i looked in my drawer here at work. and nothing looked good. i almost ate a luna bar but then realized i wasn't really "hungry" and would prefer to eat my lunch earlier, because i know it will be more satisfying than a luna bar. so NSV. i didnt give in to mindless snacking, drank a cup of coffee and now feel fine. i think the mental part of being at work and wanting snacks takes over my brain sometimes. but i need to really cut that out.

instead of the gym, i went to the mall yesterday. surprisingly i felt thin while trying clothes on. maybe im not as fat as i feel. i bought a new work shirt from forever 21. some of their stuff is teeny-bopper-ish but they have cute sweaters and stuff for work. its a navy blue mockneck sweater that buttons down on the side of the neck. hard to describe but it was only $14! i'll take it :)

not much else to say....going to the gym today. i feel guilty for not going yesterday and plus, i need it. i love the gym but the devil on my shoulder keeps telling me i dont need to go....go tmw....go for a run after work (which doesn't always happen). i need to listen to the angel on the other shoulder. "get on the elliptical, you like it. more than you like the muffin top that we will be seeing soon if you don't do something!!" haha :)


A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

There is no better feeling than feeling skinny while you are shopping. I love to get dressed up- makeup, hair done, nice outfit...and it makes me feel even better!

Anonymous said...

oh how i love shopping. it's my cardio for SURE.

katieo said...

Good job Kelly. All that walking at the mall probably did more good than you think. And good job with the NSV.

(Forever 21 is kind of ridiculous, but I can't help it. I'm drawn in every time!)

CaRoLyN said...

At least you were out walking the mall instead of sitting on the couch at home right?

We don't have Forever 21 up here in Canada. At least I've never seen it. But I know the type of store.

Did you watch Biggest loser last night? I got through the first hour but missed the last hour since it was on kind of late and I was sick and fell asleep on the couch. Which team won the WI and which team lost? Who went home?
Hope your day is going great today!