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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

hi ladies! happy halloween!! i wish it were happier for me. i must have come down with a stomach bug last night. i was throwing up and feeling like crap. i wasn't going to come to work today but i did. i'm feeling okay, but i definitely have no appetite. i had toast for breakfast and i might grab some soup for lunch. not sure.

gym: depending on how i feel after work, i may get some light cardio in, i really don't know. :\ - blah! i hate feeling like this :(

i hope you all have wonderful halloweens! i won't be doing much for it bc of how i feel. try to stay away from the candy everyone!!


swizzlepop said...

That sucks! I hope it doesnt' last very long and that you feel better soon!

Randi said...

That's crappy. Sounds like you got the halloween hangover (the kind from too much sugar) but without any of the fun! Well at least you probably won't pig out on candy tonight! (jeez Randi, trying to put a positive spin on barfing? come on!)
Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Anne said...

Hope you feel better soon!

katieo said...

oh no!! HOpe it passes soon Kelly. Don't workout, go home and get some rest!!

uhhh, ok, this is the next day, so that's what I hope you did!

jodi said...

i was sick too but thankfully, it was more in my head and throat... i hope you feel better soon - soup sounds perfect! :o)