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Friday, August 17, 2007

munchkins & concerts

tgif everyone! what is it with offices and donuts, geez! but today someone brought munchkins in.

if you've never heard of them, munchkins are little baby donuts that dunkin donuts sells. according to dwlz.com they are 1 pt a piece for the plain glazed ones. they are tiny though but they are DELICIOUS! i've had 3 and that is where i am stopping. i usually reset donuts bc i can't take one and only eat half but i can eat a few munchkins and be satisfied. yummy. anyway...not trying to get anyone drooling or craving donuts. sometimes you need a treat though.

this week has been great. each day i've seen a loss on the scale. even though it was usually a small amount i'm happy with it. i went from 135.6 yesterday to an even 135 today. yay! moving back down. i did cut out my nightly glass/glasses of wine so that may be the key to my weight loss. i know i've said it before but there is something so nice about relaxing after work with a glass of red wine. it needs to be cut back though, i know.

tonight i'm going to an outdoor concert with my BF, sister and her BF. guess who is playing? i bet you never will. it's styx, def leppard and foreigner! WOO! i love 80s music :) and foreigner has sooo many great songs. i made a mix CD last night and foreigner filled up half of it. sunday i'm going to see the projekt revolution tour: linkin park, taking back sunday, my chemical romance. i only like linkin park but it should be a good show!

the plan for tonight is to have fun and have a "free" night but i'm back on plan tmw and sunday. i can do it!!

BB8: the cheese may stand alone here but i am SO happy dustin got voted out. i feel like dick is just a bully. he says mean things but its a defense mechanism i think. he tries to make waves and he does but i dont think he truly hates any of the people in the house. yay for daniele getting HOH. i like her a lot. jessica is starting to grow on me too but i still think eric is a twirp. its not fair though that he has to vote in ways that america wants, it ruins his alliances. but good for him for getting so far! i think daniele will nominate amber and jameka. jameka really isnt a threat though and i think she knows it. so does amber. my vote for who wins: daniele. she seems really smart, wins a lot of HOHs and now that she has a new alliance, i think she's golden. who knows though!

well i hope everyone has a great weekend! until monday...


Randi said...

well those just sound like timbits (Canadian). I love them and yes there are a nice alternative to a giant cream filled donut. But we buy them in a box of 10 or 22 or 48 and I'd be damned if I don't just eat the whole box! I guess if it were at work it might be possible. You can buy them 1 at a time too which is what I need to do!
I missed last night's BB but I heard the news, scandalous! who were the votes?

jodi said...

i am jealous of both concerts - i grew up with def leppard and love linkin park... i'm sure you'll have a lot of fun, at both... speaking of 80s - one summer i saw howard jones, the human league, and culture club... now THAT was a great concert! love boy george (when he's not coked up obviously)... :o)

Shannon said...

totally agree with everything you said about bb8. ahhh I LOVE IT.

Have so much fun at your concerts. Sounds like a great weekend.

katieo said...

mini-donuts for me are almost worse than the real mcCoy. I feel like I can eat a bazillion and lose track a lot quicker as to how many I've actually consumed. Anyway- yay for the 80's! lol! You are going to have so much fun this weekend!

CaRoLyN said...

Hope you had a great time at the concerts Kelly!
Sounds like you had a great weekend planned, can't wait to hear how it all went! I hope your "free" night Friday night was fantastic! You just gotta have one of those ever once in a while to shock your system (at least that's what I keep telling myself to justify my weekend splurges!)
Itotally hear you about the mini donuts. We have them up here in Canada only they are called timbits and they show up at EVERY office meeting!! They are so delicious!!!