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Thursday, August 16, 2007

dividing up points

how do you divide up your points throughout the day? i try to do 3-5 points for breakfast, 3-5 points for lunch and then i usually have around 10 pts left for the rest of the day. is that too many? i guess sometimes i want to leave myself points to play with if i want an extra snack or something around dinner...i don't know. so i'm curious, how do you spread you points out? or do you not plan at all and eat what you feel like eating as long as it's point friendly?

i just got back from working out (45 mins of cardio!) woo! this makes it day 4 in a row of working out, this is great. anyway, as far as points go...i am back down to 2.5 points and eating a low point lean cuisine (chicken and roasted potatoes = 2.5 pts and so yummy) & 100 calorie hostess cupcake pack for lunch. i may have some froyo around 3 or so....i think i need to figure out a better way to divide my points up though.

product find: fruity cheerios

i am LOVING these! 100 calories per serving (3/4 of a cup) and they are sweet, fruity, and delicious. they taste like fruit loops but healthier. they are yummy and a great snack. and if you eat them slowly, like one or two at a time. it lasts forever! i tried eating them one at a time while i watched BB8 the other night and they lasted for a good 20-25 mins. it was kind of weird though, just eating one at a time and not a whole handful.

speaking of BB8...tonight is going to be good! i can't wait :) i want dustin to go home. do i stand alone on this one? i just like the drama ED brings but i do agree, he really is a mean guy and takes things way too far.

alright...back to work! take care :) hope your weeks are going well!

scale: 135.6 :)

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Randi said...

I know it's not WW exactly and is probably almost impossible to do, but IDEALLY I think you're supposed to eat the majority of your food and calories earlier in the day and the fewest at night, theory is food is energy and you don't need lots of energy when you're about to go to bed. I don't know who can do that though. I always try and get more calories in the morning cause I think I'm less hungry later.
It would be such a sweet twist if ED stays. cross your fingers.

Bridget said...

I;m also curious how others distribute their points. For me, a typical weekday is: breakfast 4-5, lunch 6, pm snack #1 2, pm snack #2 2, dinner 4-8 (depending on exercise). And uh, I kinda eat a lot more on the weekends. Yay for flex points!

CaRoLyN said...

I always found that I lost more weight and just felt better if I ate the majority of my points during breakfast and lunch. I always tried to have a bigger lunch and a smaller supper. That way your body has more time to burn off the calories instead of eating a big meal for supper and then going to bed a few hours later. If you read health and nutrition books they basically all say the same: make lunch your main meal. If you're eating the majority of your points at supper then you'll mostly carry them with you too bed. And we all know sleeping with a belly full of calories isn't a good thing...if that even makes sense. :)

YAY BB8 tonight! Can't wait! and YES you definitely stand alone about wanting Dustin to go home!! (In my books anyway) ED is a big meanie and I can't stand him. It should be an interesting night. Am I the onlyone who secretly wants Jessica and Eric to hook up??? I need another showmance this summer!

Whitney and Brody!?!?!
Yikes didn't see that one coming. Is there anyone on the show that doesn't want Brody Jenner?
Spencer & Heidi are ridiculous! Can't stand them!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I think the point dividing thing is a figure out what works for you. But a way to start is take your total points for the day subtact 4, then divide by 3. Then you get 2 snacks for 2pts each and 3 equally divided point meals.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo HAPPY Dustin went home. I kinda felt bad for him when it actually happened but I love ED. Then Daniele won HOH. Couldn't have been a better episode.