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Thursday, August 23, 2007

it's almost friday :)

hi everyone! i am a boring blogger this week...nothing exciting to post. well the good news is i'm down to 135 (closer to the higher end but i try to focus on the whole number...lol. who am i kidding? it said 135.8 this morning, ahhh who cares. i'm trying! i need to get back down to 133-134 though, i know this, i've mentioned it, it needs to become a reality!

going to the gym today after work, i have to pick my sister up at 5 so i only have time for 30-40 mins of cardio but it's better than nothing right?! not much else planned.

BB8: i think jen is going to go since jameka isn't an immediate threat, what do you guys think? i wonder when the game show that daniele and amber went on will air, i want to watch it! speaking of amber, how weird is it that she keeps getting these "visions" and thinks god is telling her things.....i was watching the live feed and she was talking about how she really wanted to do "america's next top model". lol. jameka was like "well top model maybe, you could try but you should aim for catalog modeling." this may be really superficial but she looks nothing like any model i've ever seen, catalog or not. not a fan.

alright off to the gym...have a good day!!


A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

Thanks Kelly.
www.myrunning.com (I think) has a log book that you can track you miles like the WW site points. I used to used it, but now I have the Nike/Ipod getup and it helps log my miles/km's every time my feet hit the pavement with the ipod.


Randi said...

You're doing great. Good for you to have a nice range you try and keep yourself in. MUCH better than gaining tons of weight and trying to lose it! 2 (or 2.8) lbs is completely doable.
I think Amber is crazy. Her visions are just daydreams but she's been reading too much of "the Secret" and mixed with the religiousness that Jameka was spouting previously have made her delusional!

Shannon said...

The Power of 10 is airing right before Tuesdays show. I wonder who will win. I hope Daniele, I just love her for some reason. You are right about Amber not looking like a model. She looks like she has lost weigh tho and is starting to look prettier. Can you believe Jen's craziness last night? Too funny! Oh and congrats on the 135, i can't wait to see that.

Christie said...

I'm running a poll on my blog to choose Starbucks clothes so come on over and help me choose!

Christie said...

kelly - thanks for your response!
I wanted to tell you that you can find ALL the nutrition info for starbucks drinks on the website. You can even "build your drink" so to speak, and change the milk to nonfat, take off whipped cream, and see the new numbers.
I will definitely do a post about that though! I've done one in the past about one particular drink but I think your suggestion is great and I will totally do that once I start there!

CaRoLyN said...

I almost laughed out loud when Amber said that. She is pretty but she has 0 modelling experience and she's probably cry the whole way down the cat walk!

Speaking of BB8...I've been waiting all season for Eric and Jess to hook up! FINALLY!!!! I thought it was cute since he's so dorky!

How was your weekend?

CaRoLyN said...

Where are you!?!?!!?

Missin your posts!

katieo said...

kelly, ditto to carolyn, Are you ok?