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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

smooth sailing...

hi everyone! smooth sailing once again today. still on track and feeling great :) i weighed in at 136.2 (i know, i need to change that sidebar, i think i'm going to take it down). 136 is good considering it said something higher on monday. lol. it also means i'm back in my "comfort zone". i would like to drop back down to 133-134 before i feel completely back in the groove though.

tonight is date night. my BF and i are going to dinner, getting kabobs, which should be relatively healthy. i will be trying out the healthiest looking item i can find. i have 10 points left for the day (pre-workout) and all my flex points left for the week, so i'm doing well!

BB8 was good...looks like jessica is confused about her alliance and thinks shes a pawn. i would like ED to stay, he makes for good tv. the rest of them are BORING. even though, he really does live up to his name.

alright off to the gym!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I love posts with bb8 mention. I LOVE the show. I hope ED stays tonight.