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Monday, August 06, 2007

wedding pictures!

here are pictures of me at my best friend's wedding....

well one is beforehand with my 3 year old little brother
(you can totally see my tanlines but who cares!)
don't mind the pull-ups diaper...it was like 10am

here i am with my boyfriend dustin :)

my arms look flabby, but hey, that's what you get for slacking off all summer!!

scale this morning said 136....hopefully bloat from the weekend. i'm back on track though!

this afternoon i forced myself to go to the gym after work. i saw one of my coworkers there who is "not in shape" .... i dont know how else to say that. well, i dislike her, mostly bc of her attitude and work ethic. she was trying to brag to me and say she taught spin classes. i'm not trying to stereotype but i know spin classes are intense and there is NO way she teaches them. so i got on the treadmill and for some reason, she got on the treadmill next to me, even though there were 5 other free treadmills. i RAN. i ran my heart out, i was panting, digging for strength. it was...AWESOME. i pushed myself so hard. i dont know why, maybe to show her that i do it on a regular basis or to outdo what she was doing (which was walking and biking by the way...nothing wrong with that but she tries to paint herself out to be the picture of fitness and....she definitely isnt). anyway, i did 15 fast minutes of running on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the elliptical.

i haven't pushed myself that hard in a long time.

hopefully i see her at the gym tmw :)

p.s. please don't think i'm catty and judgemental. i just really dislike this girl and i was so happy to kick her ass in the gym.


Anne said...

You look beautiful and your little brother is so cute!
I don't think you are judgemental, I would be the same ;)

katieo said...

You're little brother= so cute, no judgement for the pullups, I've got little boys. It's a great accomplishment to be our of the pullup and dressed by 10 am during the summer! (Which leads me to a funny thing, My little 3 year old and your little brother would probably be great pals if they knew each other! lol!)

Ok, and hello! You are a knockout! I'm so glad you posted pictures, and those tan lines ain't nothin! (I'm tan from pretty much my shoulder on down, boohoo)

Glad you're back!

Maggie said...

You look terrific! Love the shot of you and your boyfriend :)

jodi said...

you look beautiful in that dress and those flowers are gorgeous... my friend's wedding is this weekend so i'm hoping the weather cooperates and isn't too hot... nothing like being in a floor-length dress in 90 degree heat! ugh!

Randi said...

a) you look super good and your arms don't look flabby, plus pretty dresses and who cares on tan lines
b) TOTALLY don't think you're catty. I completely get it. Happens to me all the time. Don't go around bragging about things that are definately false, maybe she took a spin class once or twice but please! And I ALWAYS push myself and try and show off around people who think they're all that or at least think I'm less than all that.

struck.my.fancy said...

Love your dress and those flowers are beautiful!! Don't worry about feeling catty - I would have done the same thing.

Shannon said...

You look so gorgeous. I love the dress and matching jewellery. You are not being catty at all, i would have so done the same. It was awesome motivation too. :)

Dee said...

Whatever works right? You've gotta get your motivation where ever you can find it! So what if it happens to be "showing off" in front of a girl you don't really like.