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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

happy hour & big brother

i can't believe it's already wednesday! this week has flown by! so i ate well yesterday. had a few more raisinettes than i would have liked but counted the points. i probably used one flex point but that's okay. they were yummy :)

product find: garden burger: the original veggie burger
100 calories - approx. 2 pts
mushrooms, onions, brown rice, rolled oats, a blend
of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, parsley and a hint of garlic.

what have i been missing! seriously, RUN out and get these. they are so good. so yummy, i ate it without a bun, with cheese, salsa, ff sour cream and slice of avocado. it could have been eaten with just the salsa, it was that good!! yum, i can't wait to have one later today! they tasted like they may have been fried at one point. i dont know about you, but that makes it all the more delicious to me. haha.

i have my stuff and plan on hitting the gym today. i am meeting D at subway for lunch. i like getting the turkey mini-sub on wheat - only 3". that way i can get some baked lays and not feel like i stuffed myself.

i forget whose blog i read this on but they said they were a "finisher" meaning they always finish whats on their plate or in front of them. that is totally me. i want to eat every last bite. my sister on the other hand, takes two bites and she's done with it. she goes back to it later usually but in one sitting, she never cleans her plate.

tonight i am meeting up with my sorority sisters from college for drinks! that should be fun but i am setting my limit at 2 or 3 light beers. sometimes when we get together i feel like i'm back in college and my inhibitions go out the window. shots? sure! more beer? yes please! that behavior needs to stop.

big brother time:
i spent yesterday evening watching my tivo-ed "big brother after dark" and then the real episode at 9. i'm obsessed with that show. i'm sad nick might be going home (i'm guessing he will be). they need to get rid of jen! jameka is crazy for her reasoning behind saving that girl. so far i really like daniele, nick, eric, jessica is harmless, dick is entertaining but mean! i dont know if they showed it on CBS but he poured ice-tea on jen's head. that is so disrespectful and uncalled for. she's a b!tch, no one likes her but he needs to leave her alone!!

jameka is alright, i dont like how she brought god into the game, i can't stand jen, zach is a WEIRDO and i hope kail goes home. did that cover everyone?

is anyone else as OBSESSED as i am with BB8?

scale: 134


Anonymous said...

OHhh I already knew about those burgers and I LOVE THEM. They take 2 seconds to bbq or cook them on a frying pan and sooo good. I usually put cucumber, tomato, mustard, salsa and put it on a ww bun. YUM..

I am obsessed with BB8 too. I don't like Danielle and Nick tho. I want them to go. I love Jen and Dick is getting on my nerves. Amber needs to stop crying.

Oh and if you want to read my blog just leave your email and i will add ya. Thanks. :) (can't remember if I already told you this) hehe

katieo said...

I'm totally a finisher. So much so that I never really make my kids "finish" meals. WHen they're full they're done.

Haven't gotten into BB8, but I keep hearing about it...

Living to Feel Good said...

I love ED! I mean I love him on the show, but he is an asshole. I don't want Nick to go either, but it sure seems like everyone wants him out. I'm watching the after dark right now as I type this! Hahaha!! ED poured a bunch of crap on Zack's bed.

And is anyone else obsessed..yes. I watch the feed every night, and most of the time I watch it for the whole 3 hours. That's 3 hrs x 7 days =21 hrs plus 3 hours of cbs bb= 24 hours a week I spend watching BB. Pretty sad. Hahahaha. What's really funny is my husband ask me almost every day..."Is BB on tonight?" Hahahaha!

Dee said...

I'm a finisher too, it doesn't matter how full I am! Thanks for the tip on the Garden Burgers, I've been wanting to try some type of veggie burger, but I had no clue which kind to get. I think I'll try them.

I've been watching BB too. I don't usually like to admit it though! I was really into Evil Dick, until he started being too much of an ass, but I still would like him to stick around. I say good riddence Nick...he needs to shave that cheesy mustache!

kelly said...

shannon: give me your email address and i'll send you mine, i don't want to post it on here.

sarah: i love BB! i'm addicted. ED is being really mean to jen, he needs to at least respect her and not throw drinks on her, ridiculous!!

dee: let me know how you like the gardenburgers!

katieo: i need to learn how to walk away when i feel full, i'm so weak sometimes