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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

gone running....

hey everyone!

i've been a good little dieter all day, i even hit the gym already and did 30 mins on the elliptical and a short 6 minute treadmill walk (had to get back to work). i need to get back in my workout routine. do i get bored with the same old routines? do i exercise too much and then get sick of it? i need to figure out what's made me avoid the gym for the past 5 days...hopefully i'm back on track now.

my new favorite thing is to bring magazines i haven't read yet to the gym with me. it makes my time on the elliptical fly by, it's awesome. i try to stick to the $1.99 in touch weekly/OK magazine/jane etc. so it doesnt get too pricey but i've already subscribed to SELF and Glamour magazine. the subscriptions were only like $12 each on amazon.com. what a steal.

while i was looking through the new issue of jane (with eva mendez on the cover) i opened up to find my very own "gone running" sign inside the magazine.

it was an actual sign and the hands on the clock actually move! there is a hole for one of those suction cup things too. how cute! definitely worth the $1.99 if you ask me, i'm definitely going to put it up here at work :)

scale this morning said 136...ugh...get me out of this diet funk! and make TOTM go away! oh, and make me stop snacking.

please grant those three wishes, thank you diet gods.
haha...alright, off to a meeting! have a great day :)


Randi said...

that sign is too cute! That's awesome! You gym doesn't have magazines? They always have kinds I've never read when I go. But they are sorta ratty. Do you have awesome music to listen to when you're working out? that's all I need. sometimes I get burned out when I do something every day or irregularly. Since I made a schedule I stick to it much better, it's got built in rest days.

CaRoLyN said...

I should join a gym!
Next Tuesday I am starting the C25k program so I am very anxious to get started on that and this time I'm actually going to start it!! Last time I got caught up in the house renos so now I have no excuse!! The house is done!
I'm really looking forward to it actually and I'm hoping I can get through the program before the snow starts!!
Great job on getting back to the gym and good idea about the magazines. The machines can get pretty boring with nothing to focus on but the clock.
Good luck on your next weigh in!

PS BB8 Tonight!!! What's your prediction??

A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...


How long have you been running?
Do you have any tips for beginners?
I'm trying to lose 100 pounds. I'm over weight and want to be a healthy bride/mommy some day.

I'm blogging my way to success!

jodi said...

what a cute sign! i love reading magazines while at the gym and thankfully, mine has all sorts... everything from time and runner's world, to US, people, and entertainment weekly... people just dontate their old stuff - pretty cool... :o)

Weightloss Diet Watch said...

hi buddy
Hmmm interesting n cute sign,u r doing gr8 job on getting back to gym.
Nyways,keep on going.