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Monday, August 13, 2007

just another manic monday

good morning! here i am on another monday, trying to get some caffeine into my system and starting fresh. this weekend i went to 2 BBQs. enough said. the best i can do is try and that's what i'm doing!

not much else to say...going to 2 concerts this weekend. looks like i like doing things in twos. but i will try to be good during the week and then try not to drink too many beers at the concerts. one of the concerts is on sunday, so hopefully that will be tame since i have work the next day.

not much else to say...i went to costco this weekend to pick up supplies for our BBQ. omg, i could get lost in there. i saw they have a huge box of fiber one bars for $9.99. i might go back just for that. we did get yummy turkey burgers though that were only 200 calories a piece. not too shabby! gotta love costco.

scale: no comment, i need to focus on getting my habits back in check before i rely on a number to make myself feel like i'm doing things the right way. i get so discouraged by the damn scale!

hopefully getting down to the gym today, i packed my stuff! :)


CaRoLyN said...

BBQs are the worst! Especially at soemone else's place because you really can't control what is being served or how it is being cooked. Sometimes though, especially during the summer, you just need to relax andenjoy yourself. I've just been 'enjoying' myself way too much lately. I'vwe been going way overboard on the weekends. But to my defense, I have been doing extremely well during the week so it ends up balancing out but STILL, can't be too healthy.
Good luck at the concerts and have fun!! Anyone we would know??

katieo said...

Molly seriously freaked out when she saw those fiber one bars at Costo. lol, I heart Cotsco!