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Thursday, August 02, 2007

eat, drink, and be merry!

happy thursday! everyday this week has been a happy-something day for me. sorry, i'm boring. haha

last night's happy hour was fun! i stuck to bacardi & diet and then had a vodka/soda water/splash of cranberry. yum! the only one who did not make it out alive after this event was my car. pepe's battery died. yes, his name is pepe. i've been thinking about getting a new one....i just don't know. i've never made a car payment before (i was a spoiled teen/college student, what can i say) but i need to figure out if that will fit into my budget.

anyway, the scale said 135 this morning. i didnt munch at happy hour so who knows? i went to potbelly today and had a sandwich for lunch. do you have potbelly? its kind of greasy but the only bad thing on it was mayo and cheese. oh well, the wedding is two days away, i'm not worried about it.

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and be prepared to see a more focused kelly after this wedding madness has come and gone! i look forward to being back in a routine and not going out of town every weekend to eat/drink/be merry. i think i'll just stick to the be merry part ;)


CaRoLyN said...

Great job last night on sticking to your plan with the drinks! It's so easy to fall of the wagon after you've had 2 or 3 drinks (what's another 2 or 3 right??)
You must be excited for the wedding! Make sure you take lot sof pics and post them so we can all see how you rocked the dreaded bridesmaid dress!
Good luck this weekend! Enjoy yourself and have fun!
BB8 is on tonight. I want ED to go home! I can't stand that man! He is ignorant and just plan rude. He says he's just being honest but really he's just being an a**hole! I want Nick to go home tonight because he just seems sleezy to me lately! Jenn is actually starting to grow on me for some odd reason. Amber is an emotional wreck. She cries at EVERYTHING!!
I thought I saw a bit of a romantic glint between Jessica and Eric but haven't seen anything since. I don't watch the after dark though so what am I missing? Anything crazy exciting!
Sorry for the long comment! Have fun this weekend!!!

katieo said...

Have a great weekend!


christie said...

I was laughing at Pepe too. LOL.
Good job with happy hour!

Anonymous said...

We don't have a potbelly, but it sounds like I would have some issues there. hehe. Here is my e-mail address, shannonsisler@hotmail.com. Can't wait to get your e-mail then I will add ya. :)