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Thursday, August 09, 2007

office temptations & vegan soup

hi everyone! i'm still not completely back in the groove as far as dieting goes. i think my body wants a summer vacation from this diet stuff. ha! oh well, i try to stay on point. yesterday someone brought in panera. im not sure of what kind of bagel i had but it was whole grain i believe. it was really flat and lacked all the goodness of a real bagel. so i'm guessing it was a good choice. i probably shouldn't have eaten it but i figured better do so early in the day if i'm going to do it. for lunch i had dr. mcdougall's vegan chicken flavored ramen noodles (more on that later). dinner was not so great. had some girlfriends over and we made dinner. munched on hummus & whole wheat pita chips, brie cheese & then shrimp stirfry. and maybe a little too much wine, which seems to be a reoccuring theme at these get-togethers.

i almost forgot, i took a 50 minute walk yesterday, it was so hot outside but i'm glad i at least did some physical activity.

today i've been good. someone brought in dunkin donuts. usually i do not partake but i told myself i could have a few bites of a chocolate donut. i ate half and put the rest away. it was hard, but i had to do it lol. the scale is still at 135. my comfortable weight range is 132-136ish...so that's no good. like i said, for some reason i don't really care. i know it sounds bad but im being honest and from other blogs i've read, i'm not the only one with the summer-blues. haha

two new product finds.

dr. mcdougall's vegan tortilla soup

200 calories for the whole thing

apparently this dr. mcdougall character has his own diet book. i was unaware of this and picked it because it was low calorie, easy to make at work and i love me some tortilla soup. i am by no means a vegan. either way, it tasted great! lots of baked chips. i will DEFINITELY be eating this again. i bought it at bloom for $1.49 in the organic section. they also sell them on dr. mcdougall's website.

dr. mcdougall's vegan chicken-flavored ramen noodles

200 calories for the whole thing

how do they make things chicken flavored without the chicken? hmmm. anyway this was pretty yummy. tasted like ramen to me! i would definitely buy it again :)

big brother: i'm kind of glad eric might be leaving. he gets on my nerves. i do not, however, think it's fair that he has to be america's player. it screwed up his alliance. but if either him or kail go home, i'll be happy. it's past due if you ask me for kail. i like daniele & ED. i like how they play the game. i think jameka looked CRAZY when she was crying and rocking back and forth. that's a little too much spirituality for me. who else...jessica, she is definitely fake. i can't stand that fake voice she does and would be happy to see her leave. i dont have much of an opinion on dustin and amber is just a crybaby but she's likeable. anyway, we will have to see tonight but my vote is for eric.

have a good one!!


Anonymous said...

I want Eric to go SOOO bad. I can't stand him. I like Daniele and ED too. I can't wait to watch tonight. YAA.

CaRoLyN said...

Hey Kelly
I know EXACTLY what you mean about having the summer blues when it comes to staying OP. I haven't been eating like crazy this week but I certainly haven't been eating according to my meal plan. I have been eating great all day and then for supper, the thought of eating chieck and veggies (which is basically what my meal plan allows) I have been having tacos or soup and grilled cheese. Grr. I think this Sunday I will spend the day preparing my meals for the week, that way I have no excuses! Monday I will get back to it and stick to it. I HAVE to!
The Tortilla soup looks great! I wonder ig you can get that up here in Canada. Hmm I will keep my eye out for it. Looks yummy!
BB8....I CAN'T BELIEVE you still like Dick after Tuesday!!! He acts like a 12 year old. Always bitching at someone and he's WAY TOO sure of himself!! I hope Eric stays ONLY because I can't stand Dick anymore. He is fun to watch though and makes for good TV but he drives me insane!
Can't wait for tonights episode... :) It's almost Friday!!

Randi said...

Yeah Jameka - it's great to be religious and everything but do you think God wants you to win a reality tv contest? How dare you say you are being persecuted, save that word for what it really means. Comparing yourself to the holocaust. Get over yourself.
Anyway, yes to summer road blocks. It's frustrating! I seriously think it's time for me to do something drastic. I'll let you know on my blog later...

katieo said...

"it was really flat and lacked all the goodness of a real bagel. so i'm guessing it was a good choice." lol!

For a second, I thought your product reviews showed pictures of ben and jerry's containers...ahhh, if only.

Living to Feel Good said...

Mmmm that soup sounds yummy!